I’ve read an article today and I knew how many of us could relate, about a graceful woman who was already about to get married but later on found out that she’s ill. Before reading her story, I watched the video of her boyfriend’s proposal at the mountaintop.

It was a little bit different than what I had expected. Except that the girl cried before saying yes, which is quite common, I couldn’t help but laugh watching her laughing really hard as her boyfriend started showing her the ring and popping out the big question.

It was one of the most genuine reactions I’ve ever seen in videos during wedding proposals. The girl actually thought they’re there for the pre-nuptial shoot. She did not expect a wedding proposal from her boyfriend anymore. For whatever reason, I don’t know.

She cared less about the cameras rolling while she was laughing at him in disbelief. Pure joy. Mixed emotions, I can tell. She started crying probably after everything sinking in already, hugging him for a few minutes. Not uttering a word. Then he asked her if she’d marry him. And of course, she said yes!

It was a good video, a little touching until I read the caption. It had a link to an article about this girl’s story.
The author is the girl’s close friend. In the story, the author described how this girl made their lives better by just being in it. She seemed to be a very good friend and has a very outgoing personality. The video was a proof to me. I don’t judge, but you know when people are showing their real selves or not. So to make the author’s long story short, the girl was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks after she got engaged. She became very ill but still remained very positive. She stayed strong for her fiance. What hit me hard was the part when she was already at a very severe condition, she texted her friends. Telling them to be there for her fiance. To help him get through it. That she knew she’ll go any day and she’s so afraid for him. That it pains her a lot seeing him crying endlessly.
Then one day, she passed away. She broke everyone’s heart. She would’ve stayed if only she had an option to. But she did not. It was all fate. And now all that’s left is her memory in the hearts of those who love her.

Young woman fed up with the nonsense


I read it and the video was no longer a little touching for me. It was heartbreaking.

It’s unimaginable. When you’re already at your happiest when suddenly something crashes it down. You get caught between hoping to pick up the pieces, put it all back together but you know you can’t and having to pretend you don’t wanna pick the pieces up anymore..that you’re ready, because really, deep inside, you know you’re not.
After reading a bit of her story, it made me think about how things can change in just a blink of an eye. How we can instantly lose anyone we love. That we only have ‘NOW’. Because yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow’s not certain.
We only have one life. Short life to live.

Life is too short to be cruel, to be selfish, to hide emotions, to envy, to forbid forgiveness , to be too afraid to love too much, to put off what we can do today for tomorrow.

Because really, tomorrow may not come. Or it may, but it might be too late to do the things we’ve always wanted to do just because we’re too afraid.
We struggle each day to live the best life we can possibly live but because we’re too focused with the struggle, we forget that the goal is to just live the best way possible.

We know we don’t have all the time in the world but we waste it painfully. And most of the time, we’re aware what we’re doing all along but we just do the same things and still complaining about the same results over and over.

We all do things not knowing what we actually are doing but that is life .Time doesn’t allow you to always fix it but it allows you to move passed it. That’s time and I believe that’s fair enough.



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  1. Michelle · October 3, 2016

    This is sad😢


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