Can One Overlook Eternal Life With Medicine?


The fact cannot be overlooked that we are in the midst of a sociological crisis of orientation on the grand scale. New problems and needs have become insistent, new fears and longings have come to light. Many are looking for a new foothold, a fundamental certainty, a compass for their life and the life of other human beings. The inconsistencies and ambivalence of the phenomena cannot conceal the fact that religion is attracting greater attention: the old religion and many new ones, the Christian religion as well as the Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist religions.

In East and West anyway the God Progress seems to have lost rapidly something of its credibility; belief in a continually better life with the aid of science and technology and also through revolution and socialism has been shaken by serious doubts. And, while the elderly have not been able with all the aids of psychology  to come to terms with the meaning of death, younger people  supposedly a “no future” generation, apathetic, noncommittal, nervous, and self-destructive are asking afresh about the missing sense of life.


Meanwhile, though science did the most in the last century to destroy belief in immortality and made stupendous efforts to prolong life, it is medicine today that has broken through the taboos in regard to death and with its research into dying has given new life to the question of death and survival. But has medicine or perhaps parapsychology proved that there is life after death?I am trying to say we found a way to cheat death,long ago even the smallest of colds could make you meet your end.So to say could medicine be eternal life itself? surely its a point that shouldn’t be over-looked.

Quote of the day:Medicine knows no limits, especially not its own. ‘Gerhard Koch


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  1. Rita · September 9, 2015

    This is really compelling


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